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Ios and Android are two operating systems

Ios and Android are two operating systems. They run touchscreen cell phones. The operating system of a phone is what determines all of its features. Ios and Android are the current two most popular operating systems for phones. The similarities and differences between Ios and Android give people many options from calling and texting, the camera, and features.
Since Ios and Android are both operating systems, they have similarities. One of their similarities are that both give the option to call and text. No matter what provider someone has on their phone, with either one of these operating systems they are allowed to get connected through calling and texting. Another similarity is both allows people to take pictures with the camera. With both platforms you can take pictures either through the back camera of the phone, or the front camera. With both, you have the option to save the pictures you take. While Ios and Android have both of these things in common, they are also very different.
With Ios and Android, there's many different options with calling and texting between the two. With Ios, along with the average phone call, you also get the option to facetime people. The facetime app comes built in on all Ios phones and devices. Another thing Ios has is Imessages. Imessages are the automatic message system you get if you have internet. With Imessage, we can see what time the messages are read by the retriever. Also with Imessage, there are games available that send straight through the texts. Unlike Ios, on Android there's options to change the theme of the keyboard when texting. It can have a picture behind it or be many different colors. While Ios has the facetime option, Android does not bring that to the table. The only way to talk face to face with Android is by using third party apps. Along with ways to contact people, both Ios and Android also have differences with their cameras.
Camera on Ios devices differ very much from those on Android devices. Ios camera are much high quality. The resolution is greater making for more clear pictures. Also on the Ios camera, the lighting is very good. While the Ios platform cameras have these features, the Android camera has a much lower resolution. The pictures are more sharpened than those from the Ios device. The Android cameras are also known to be very fast. One last difference between Ios and Android are the basic features of the devices.
A major difference is the features that each operating system has. Iso has a very simple layout, so simple children could figure their way around one of their devices. These are much easier to use and control. The screen on Ios devices are smaller than those on Android devices. The screens on Androids fill up the entire front of the device, while on Ios devices, the screen only is a portion of the phone. Androids are also very complex. They are built omre computer-like.
Ios against Android is a major world-wide debate. Both platforms are very popular. They are the top two cell phone operating systems in the country. Steve Jobs once said “I think right now it's a battle for the mindshare of developers and for the mindshare of customers, and right now iPhone and Android are winning that battle”. Despite the similarities between Ios and Android, there are many differences such as how you call and text, the camera, and the features.