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Ethics is a system of moral rules

Ethics is a system of moral rules and is the study of moral principles. Ethics can be divided into two categories: classical and modern. Classical ethics comes from Plato and Aristotle being concerned about questions regarding our personal self-growth and development. Modern ethics was founded after the Italian Renaissance and studies morality. Since ethics is the study of morality, this proposes that morality and ethics are two different ideas. “Morality is a set of fundamental rules that guide our actions; for example, they may forbid us to kill each other, encourage us to help each other, tell us not to lie, and command us to keep our promises” (Solomon et al., 2016, p.497)

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In our readings in chapter seven

In our readings in chapter seven, we learned about the different types of determinism: hard determinism, soft determinism, and indeterminism, we also learned about how these are different and how they feed off each other. These ideas have been argued by many philosophers since Isaac Newton, who was a hard determinist by saying we are matter in motion. We also learn about the idea of freedom in philosophy and how freedom is a person’s responsibility.
What is determinism? Determinism is “the thesis that everything that happens in the universe is determined according to the laws of nature” (Solomon et al., 2016, p.444).

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Ios and Android are two operating systems

Ios and Android are two operating systems. They run touchscreen cell phones. The operating system of a phone is what determines all of its features. Ios and Android are the current two most popular operating systems for phones. The similarities and differences between Ios and Android give people many options from calling and texting, the camera, and features.

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